1Which companies do you have shipment from ?
We have regularly our own shipments from Digikey, Mouser, Farnell, TTI, Avnet, Arrow and other world’s leading electronic component suppliers.
2Which day is the final time for Digikey shipment and What is the delivery time ?
We close Digikey orders on every Friday at 16:00 (GMT+3). Your orders will be sent to your side following week on Thursday in worst case.
3Which day is the final time for Mouser shipment and What is the delivery time ?
We close Mouser orders on every Tuesday at 11:00 (GMT+3). Your orders will be delivered to your side following week on Thursday in worst case.
4Which days do you have shipments from Far East ?
We send our own shipments at the end of every week from Far East, Therefore we receive shipments at the beginning of the next week and orders are sent by cargo to our customers every Tuesday.
5Can I add my orders which are purchased by me to your shipment ?
We can attach your orders to our shipments from America, Europe and Far East. If you wish, we can handle just transport operation or we can serve at every steps of the operation from order opening process until payment.
6What is the arrival time for your shipments ?
We regularly transport our shipments each week and work together with the fastest global cargo companies such as DHL, UPS, TNT. Shipments from Europe in 1 weekday, shipments from America and Far East arrive Turkey in 2 weekdays.
7What are the multipliers for Digikey and Mouser online prices ?
You can find related information about Digikey and Mouser multipliers on this link.
8Can you provide service for the components, If I don't have its product number ?
Most of the employees are Electronic Engineers in Sales Department and they can provide every kind of technical support to your side. If you share any specification or picture of the product that you search for, They can find it in a short span of time.
9What kind of costs are included in your offers ?
Our offers include custom fees and taxes for the product and shipping costs up to our warehouse.
10How Can I make payment ?
You can pay with Credit Card, Remittance or EFT.